Friday, April 15, 2011

Late Entries: Blaster of Unrivaled

I actually really like this stuff. It is topps using a proven Upper Deck Formula of claen lines, angles over 100degrees(SPA), wide-arcing design elements(exquisite) serial #d parallels(everything) and just-better-than-good photography(everything). I really like the look and feel of the Sidney rice jersey, decent-sized piece of jersey, verygood (not great) photo and the cool "shield" shape/foil of the window.

any are for trade for Packers...

I went back eventually and bought another one, and got nothing but ravens inserts...beardy's birthday is coming up whether he likes it or not. Season or no, the birds are coming your way.
I have a Platinum that says A.Dixom on it. I love the full Anthony. This is an absolute classic signature. Legible, upright and deliberate. Great job, Ant....but I really do want to know when, during your 50,000-toppsticker signing process you switched to your first initial? and kid...I freakin love your "n"s...Anthomy Dixom.

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