Sunday, September 26, 2010

What exactly is this card (auction link here) telling me?
It would be a whole lot cooler if his last name was Time...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Need...

an A's fan to trade with. I have a ton of cards from a break I totally forgot about that you might be interested in. more details from emails...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So As Soon As I Post...

The 70s Machine started running the board so I bit. Here's what came out the old gumball machine:

1972 and
1966, respectively.
I have two more codes and unless anyone out there is trading these codes for cards-in -hand, I am not buying anymore products with it in it. I have been more than luckie and have had some very lop-sided trades to secure a tight 15 card collection with only the cubbie and a couple 79s to get rid of. then I cash in...or do I?
This kind of promotion is what makes me wish I had gone into marketing like my dad...
I had at least 12 offers on the Newman within 5 hours of my "pulling " it...neat-o

I am well on my way to a Milwaukee brave from every year from 63 down as far as I can get...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Has Anyone Else Noticed?

I have been having an exceptionally good time participating in this promotion, and fully intend to have my current 8 (keeper) cards sent to me soon. I, like many, am at a computer more often that a television or "collector card retailer" by far. The simplicity and improvements that have been made to the search process have been integrated properly and effectively, so they got that goin' for 'em. I have some really incredible cards, but only one or two semi stars, but they are all pre-1978 as of now, but am looking to trade for more Milwaukee Braves, Brewers, and just plain classic looking vintage cards.

Has anyone else noticed that Topps Million Card Giveaway has been completely obsessed with cards from years ending in "7"s?

I have been sitting on 5 redemption cards. I got them in two of those SHYTE topps value packs after a faculty luncheon.

I jumped early last month on one and got a 62 Cub. I was psyched, despite the cubbiness... traded for a 63 Brave. sick.

entered another when the 7s came up and got Pete Rose 86 (a card, like many 86 topps, that I know like I know what beer I like)

then I got sketched out...

for at least 4 days now, it has been 2007, 1997, 1987(saw a boggs, ozzie, yount and guillen on ONE PAGE)and the occasional random 70s 50s...about 10% 60s...means I sit on my codes...

I can't wait til they run out of 1987...because it looks like thats what we're getting...

Have you had any luck lately?

Have you noticed?

[I love you Topps.......or do I?]

It's all love,



I am so goddam busy, I have alot of packs to compile so be patient, and get something killer.

Ga 'Head Mr. Nelson...

"I have never stolen a base in any game, on any level until tonight".
-Chris Nelson

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Congratulations, Mr. 600!

This is a very happy (and no doubt significantly relieved) man.
There are very few things that I like better than Milwaukee Brewers Celebrations. I love this team.

Painting commisioned for Trevor by Doug Melvin and awarded to him and his kin post-game.
It was a great day when I heard that we had signed Trevor Hoffman, the living-legend/saves leader, who reinvented himself early in his career with San Diego. We have been honored to watch his finale and possible epilougue in Milwaukee. I know that Trevor feels the same way. If you lived in Milwaukee and spent time at the park you'd know what I know. The Brewers are all Zen. They are all heart. They are all winners. (except in the books, we have a ways to go "by the numbers")
Thanks to Wednesday's Frosty Mug from the folks over at over at Brew Crew Ball for the photos.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rollie Fingers Is...

The Les Claypool of Baseball. I find them both irresistable.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Dead Yet...

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to update you all on my status. I am currently preparing to begin my 5th year of teaching, and am back in the Biology Classroom where I belong.
Though I won't be coaching Baseball any longer, It is going to be a great year.

My new school-computer image will not let me upload images, but I can get that fixed.

Yes, I have bought a couple of WalMart value boxes (NOTHING special), no I have not bought any Bowman, or 206 or more Ginter. Tis the season of brokeness.

I have taken advantage of WalMart's 40% off UD O-Pee-Chee, and am well on my way to completing the set for under $35. I only bought a few boxes a month or so ago, and have enjoyed collating in a fresh binder. I have inserts and base for trade (list up soon), and a few that will be going out to some special fans of mine.

I got a few nifty packages lately, including a totally out of the blue (I forgot completely about the oldschoolbreak that Troll did) package of a ton of A's and some of the best freebee packs ever as bonus. My fiance and I had fun opening ProSet PopRock cards and I even gave one of the packs of NASA cards to my Science Department chair, as she is one of my favorite people and was part of a NASA training program a few years ago. She was stoked.

I also got a really tight (good thing) little package from The Night Owl (previously spaced) that had a 75 Brewers Aaron I have been searching for, a little Ed Mathews Love (oh gosh), a JRoll Topps TCH Refractor!(Major wantlist item)(he's still good, don't worry...even though I hate the Phils.), my favorite TCH Chrome Ellsbury (now I have one to display at work) and not least, some A&G National animals and the Brachiosaurus mini. I am OUT THERE for some SCIENCE/LIVING THINGS cards since I am back in BIO, so I will trade HADSOMELY (see my former trades) for these items.

It has been a great summer, and I am looking forward to getting back into a rhythm of filling y'all in on my purchases, sales, flings and flails, and getting back to speaking my mind.

note: there will be posts on the Final Richmond Flying Squirrels game I attended today, and the Air Force Vet who started out in a coal mine and wound up the starting CF for a team on which he was the only Amateur to play the likes of Campy, Yogi, Dom Dimaggio, Rizzuto and Apling in 1948-49.

also noted: the shyte AUTO selection in Topps products...Have Athletes decided that the cards are going down? or is topps nickel-and-diming and driving players away?
Case in Point: 2010 T206, why are there Hard-signed AND sticker austos???

love and playoffs,