Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Congratulations, Mr. 600!

This is a very happy (and no doubt significantly relieved) man.
There are very few things that I like better than Milwaukee Brewers Celebrations. I love this team.

Painting commisioned for Trevor by Doug Melvin and awarded to him and his kin post-game.
It was a great day when I heard that we had signed Trevor Hoffman, the living-legend/saves leader, who reinvented himself early in his career with San Diego. We have been honored to watch his finale and possible epilougue in Milwaukee. I know that Trevor feels the same way. If you lived in Milwaukee and spent time at the park you'd know what I know. The Brewers are all Zen. They are all heart. They are all winners. (except in the books, we have a ways to go "by the numbers")
Thanks to Wednesday's Frosty Mug from the folks over at over at Brew Crew Ball for the photos.

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