Friday, September 10, 2010

Has Anyone Else Noticed?

I have been having an exceptionally good time participating in this promotion, and fully intend to have my current 8 (keeper) cards sent to me soon. I, like many, am at a computer more often that a television or "collector card retailer" by far. The simplicity and improvements that have been made to the search process have been integrated properly and effectively, so they got that goin' for 'em. I have some really incredible cards, but only one or two semi stars, but they are all pre-1978 as of now, but am looking to trade for more Milwaukee Braves, Brewers, and just plain classic looking vintage cards.

Has anyone else noticed that Topps Million Card Giveaway has been completely obsessed with cards from years ending in "7"s?

I have been sitting on 5 redemption cards. I got them in two of those SHYTE topps value packs after a faculty luncheon.

I jumped early last month on one and got a 62 Cub. I was psyched, despite the cubbiness... traded for a 63 Brave. sick.

entered another when the 7s came up and got Pete Rose 86 (a card, like many 86 topps, that I know like I know what beer I like)

then I got sketched out...

for at least 4 days now, it has been 2007, 1997, 1987(saw a boggs, ozzie, yount and guillen on ONE PAGE)and the occasional random 70s 50s...about 10% 60s...means I sit on my codes...

I can't wait til they run out of 1987...because it looks like thats what we're getting...

Have you had any luck lately?

Have you noticed?

[I love you Topps.......or do I?]

It's all love,



I am so goddam busy, I have alot of packs to compile so be patient, and get something killer.

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  1. I redeemed two codes yesterday from my "value box of shame" and came up with 2 cards from the 70's. I have since traded them for a couple Orioles from my vintage list.