Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Dead Yet...

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to update you all on my status. I am currently preparing to begin my 5th year of teaching, and am back in the Biology Classroom where I belong.
Though I won't be coaching Baseball any longer, It is going to be a great year.

My new school-computer image will not let me upload images, but I can get that fixed.

Yes, I have bought a couple of WalMart value boxes (NOTHING special), no I have not bought any Bowman, or 206 or more Ginter. Tis the season of brokeness.

I have taken advantage of WalMart's 40% off UD O-Pee-Chee, and am well on my way to completing the set for under $35. I only bought a few boxes a month or so ago, and have enjoyed collating in a fresh binder. I have inserts and base for trade (list up soon), and a few that will be going out to some special fans of mine.

I got a few nifty packages lately, including a totally out of the blue (I forgot completely about the oldschoolbreak that Troll did) package of a ton of A's and some of the best freebee packs ever as bonus. My fiance and I had fun opening ProSet PopRock cards and I even gave one of the packs of NASA cards to my Science Department chair, as she is one of my favorite people and was part of a NASA training program a few years ago. She was stoked.

I also got a really tight (good thing) little package from The Night Owl (previously spaced) that had a 75 Brewers Aaron I have been searching for, a little Ed Mathews Love (oh gosh), a JRoll Topps TCH Refractor!(Major wantlist item)(he's still good, don't worry...even though I hate the Phils.), my favorite TCH Chrome Ellsbury (now I have one to display at work) and not least, some A&G National animals and the Brachiosaurus mini. I am OUT THERE for some SCIENCE/LIVING THINGS cards since I am back in BIO, so I will trade HADSOMELY (see my former trades) for these items.

It has been a great summer, and I am looking forward to getting back into a rhythm of filling y'all in on my purchases, sales, flings and flails, and getting back to speaking my mind.

note: there will be posts on the Final Richmond Flying Squirrels game I attended today, and the Air Force Vet who started out in a coal mine and wound up the starting CF for a team on which he was the only Amateur to play the likes of Campy, Yogi, Dom Dimaggio, Rizzuto and Apling in 1948-49.

also noted: the shyte AUTO selection in Topps products...Have Athletes decided that the cards are going down? or is topps nickel-and-diming and driving players away?
Case in Point: 2010 T206, why are there Hard-signed AND sticker austos???

love and playoffs,


  1. as far as OPC goes... hit up my wantlists, i still need a few for my master set.

    when you get your wantlist ready, lmk... I have doubles.

  2. The Aaron, Mathews, Ellsbury, animals etc., came from the night owl, spacey.

  3. I fixed it, I am so embarassed when the pack they came in disappears and your memory sucks.
    love ya Nocturnal Raptor.