Sunday, September 12, 2010

So As Soon As I Post...

The 70s Machine started running the board so I bit. Here's what came out the old gumball machine:

1972 and
1966, respectively.
I have two more codes and unless anyone out there is trading these codes for cards-in -hand, I am not buying anymore products with it in it. I have been more than luckie and have had some very lop-sided trades to secure a tight 15 card collection with only the cubbie and a couple 79s to get rid of. then I cash in...or do I?
This kind of promotion is what makes me wish I had gone into marketing like my dad...
I had at least 12 offers on the Newman within 5 hours of my "pulling " it...neat-o

I am well on my way to a Milwaukee brave from every year from 63 down as far as I can get...

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