Thursday, April 29, 2010

Issues of mine, and other peoples:Peterson comes down on Topps

Carl "Yaz" Yazstremski as "Il Pagliachi" or a hobo clown painting from my 8th grade buddy's living room back in Jersey. Just so many "no"s. up and down, this is a disgrace. And none of the profit is going to the middle schoolers who painted these bitches! they get an ice cream sandwich and a free TMCG are burning bridges here topps. Just cuz you are the only game in town, you slack off, and we all go to collecting "vintage" upper deck.

Boy, does a busted hard-drive do wonders to ruin your blog...

I just wanted to drop a note here. Until I have 2 back-to-back hours of uninterrupted free time, the blog will continue to languish, the trade packages will wait until saturday, and I will continue buring the candle at both ends.

Quick note:

DO NOT BUY Topps Pro Debut. I have a bunch of reasons, and a seperate post for all of them.

LONGER NOTE: National Chicle was WAY WORSE than I thought it would be, and if you were reading around here last fall, you know that I aqm not the only one.

we are talking clown faces, disproportionate limbs/features, and bloated corpses on cards. fucking sweet Topps...I guess you want the drought to continue until Ginter when you know we will all have money to spend snatching up those hobby boxes creating a secondary market shitstorm I want no part of.

oh, and National Chicle autos are on card. wtf. why would you tease me like that!? I am trying to find one to purchase that does not hurt my sense of aesthetics, but I ain't found shit.
I do not want to be at work today.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This may be premature, but I just saw that the Baltimore Orioles beat the New York Yankees and keep Jeter and Afraud to 0-10 combined.

very interesting...

I must investigate

We just got back from our Game at the Highschool I used to work at. I miss it there. We were down early, came back to take the lead, and then blew it in the bottom of the 7th.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something Wicked:trade with love.

So I sent a realtively small package to Mr. W. Ortega (the W is for "wicked") from over at My pastime.....I Love It! He was trader of the year last year, and from what I can tell, is hell-bent on getting my vote for this year. Vote won. It was that simple. Now I am in the position that many find themselves in, which cards to post when you just don't know where to start. This is the proverbial "tip o' the iceberg" when it comes to trader packages. Let's also not forget the fat pouch on its way to his place down in the sunshine state.

Brewers collection blast: check.
These designs were a few of the absolute best post-Leaf re-indoctrination card designs around. Problem was one on the right is from hostess (don't think they sold that where I grew up) and the other was a damn-hard pull if I remember correctly.
Milwaukee Braves Collection blast: double Check
The Mathews Relic was one of about 5 cards that I asked to trade for....that makes the ratio about 1:10 of cards I got that kicked more ass than the ones I asked for. Well done sir.
The action-packed Spahn is a card I have always wanted to own , but got sucked up in autos for a while. I wanted the mathews for the gallery set since a break over at Mojo Beardy Happy double FUn Hour. The Big Red card goes right into my quickly-completing 1960 Braves team set. so nice.
Brewers collection super-Blast: check and check.
I love stadium club, and its few variations...those were the days. On the contrary, I freakin love the jason kendall rainbow I am working on. (even though we are working with Kottaras for now, shoulda gotten pudge for real)And a topper of a casual fingers relic. Beeyooteeful.

Now on to the Player Collections:bombed like Dresden (tragedy, not comedy) Each one of these has 5 more that are already in the binder, making it fat and happy. The braun relic is just outstanding, and who expects to have an Ultimate Relic just "thrown in". Ef yeah.
Lastly, we have the Nolan Ryan quotient. It was heavy, like the rain when it falls after a hot summer day. That and a punch-in-the-face fastball was nolan Ryan. These strikeout leaders cards look lovely altogether like this, and there were more of these as well.
Well worth the wait, I look forward to trading again.

Blue Devils don't quit, they just suck sometimes...

Well, we've been working real hard on our 4-8 season. That is, the coaches have. I have lost alot of steam coming to the end of the school year here. I am still not sure where I will be working or exactly what I will be teaching, and wont know certainly until well into the summer.

be right back...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hank Says...

...and I believe that he is correct. My baseball players will be studying this...

Hitters are obsessed with the long ball and at-bats take too long

Players don't have the discipline not to get themselves into the celebrity-obsessed culture

Hitters glare at pitchers if the baseball is "even a baseball card's width inside"

There are few dominating pitchers and pitchers rarely finish what they start (i.e., managers rely too much on the bullpen)

Catchers go out to the mound more than they should

Stepping out of the batter's box frequently also adds to inning length

There are not enough day games so parents can take kids and grandparents can take grandkids

Designated hitter should expand to NL--"It ought to be uniform"

Too much disunity between union and owners

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hang in there...

My schedule is a beast right now, we've dropped to 3-4 on the field.
and I have to put up a few scans from the outrageous trade packages I have recieved lately.
love to my crewmates.

Go Brewers

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Good (Not Great) Old Days: classic junkwax RCs

Lindros! you all know this card is cool.

Note to self: Never include a 1990 Leaf card in any post using the words "junk" and "wax" next to each other.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GALLERY: Brewers Autographs

Topps Million Card Drag-on

So I have gotten some OUTDSANDING CARDS from Beardy from the relatively newly-consolidated The Mojo Hand, and a stash like NO OTHER from My Man Jim over at GCRL and trading has been great. I love to send more than I have to, so get at me if there is something I can help you with.
(the two of you, Mark and Canuck will be awarded for your patience)
When I found another TMC giveaway card in a single pack I picked up the other day, I first thought of the fact that there could NOT be a list of ALL redeemed cards...or could there be...

I am toying with just inputting the code as soon as I get the chance, but given my Vintage binge as of late, I want for the best possibilities.

For the record, I have read your posts (if you are on my blogroll) and heard the theories...Is there an answer?

Time will tell. Have you thought about what happens when they run out?

uhhhhh...but with 2010 Topps on the shelves potentially perpetually, will they run out at all?

Now this makes me think of a "short list" in a few years of what is "still out there"...

subsequently, the only thought that this all leaves me with is:

"damn Topps...where was this in 94?", "what braintrust did you have to bring together to get this promotion on the shelves?"

My dad, GRHS, was a bonafide Marketing Genius, and avid Milwaukee Braves fan (That's where I got the two signed County Stadium WS Programs came from) would have been very impressed by the comprehensive nature of the solution to the continued sales of Topps products both in the hobby and in the retail markets.

This card makes me think about my dad. He was a strong and proud man. I miss him horribly.

Sometimes this blog will get real, but what did you want? fluf? ef that.

Since this will almost definitely be my last "TMC" redemtion, and I have 7 cards already(that I like, not LOVE) soooo....

What is your suggestion?



go now?


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where I Am At...

Well, for the fifth time in my five-year teaching career, my school-issued (and generally primary) laptop has done shat the bed on the eve of a school vacation. Last time, it was thanksgiving. This time it's spring break. That thing is hopelessly stuck so I wont be posting as often as recently. I just wanted to let y'all know.
keep at me about trades, I have a few that are moving along.
Stay in touch, folks and keep churning out that great card content.