Saturday, April 24, 2010

Something Wicked:trade with love.

So I sent a realtively small package to Mr. W. Ortega (the W is for "wicked") from over at My pastime.....I Love It! He was trader of the year last year, and from what I can tell, is hell-bent on getting my vote for this year. Vote won. It was that simple. Now I am in the position that many find themselves in, which cards to post when you just don't know where to start. This is the proverbial "tip o' the iceberg" when it comes to trader packages. Let's also not forget the fat pouch on its way to his place down in the sunshine state.

Brewers collection blast: check.
These designs were a few of the absolute best post-Leaf re-indoctrination card designs around. Problem was one on the right is from hostess (don't think they sold that where I grew up) and the other was a damn-hard pull if I remember correctly.
Milwaukee Braves Collection blast: double Check
The Mathews Relic was one of about 5 cards that I asked to trade for....that makes the ratio about 1:10 of cards I got that kicked more ass than the ones I asked for. Well done sir.
The action-packed Spahn is a card I have always wanted to own , but got sucked up in autos for a while. I wanted the mathews for the gallery set since a break over at Mojo Beardy Happy double FUn Hour. The Big Red card goes right into my quickly-completing 1960 Braves team set. so nice.
Brewers collection super-Blast: check and check.
I love stadium club, and its few variations...those were the days. On the contrary, I freakin love the jason kendall rainbow I am working on. (even though we are working with Kottaras for now, shoulda gotten pudge for real)And a topper of a casual fingers relic. Beeyooteeful.

Now on to the Player Collections:bombed like Dresden (tragedy, not comedy) Each one of these has 5 more that are already in the binder, making it fat and happy. The braun relic is just outstanding, and who expects to have an Ultimate Relic just "thrown in". Ef yeah.
Lastly, we have the Nolan Ryan quotient. It was heavy, like the rain when it falls after a hot summer day. That and a punch-in-the-face fastball was nolan Ryan. These strikeout leaders cards look lovely altogether like this, and there were more of these as well.
Well worth the wait, I look forward to trading again.

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