Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Topps Million Card Drag-on

So I have gotten some OUTDSANDING CARDS from Beardy from the relatively newly-consolidated The Mojo Hand, and a stash like NO OTHER from My Man Jim over at GCRL and trading has been great. I love to send more than I have to, so get at me if there is something I can help you with.
(the two of you, Mark and Canuck will be awarded for your patience)
When I found another TMC giveaway card in a single pack I picked up the other day, I first thought of the fact that there could NOT be a list of ALL redeemed cards...or could there be...

I am toying with just inputting the code as soon as I get the chance, but given my Vintage binge as of late, I want for the best possibilities.

For the record, I have read your posts (if you are on my blogroll) and heard the theories...Is there an answer?

Time will tell. Have you thought about what happens when they run out?

uhhhhh...but with 2010 Topps on the shelves potentially perpetually, will they run out at all?

Now this makes me think of a "short list" in a few years of what is "still out there"...

subsequently, the only thought that this all leaves me with is:

"damn Topps...where was this in 94?", "what braintrust did you have to bring together to get this promotion on the shelves?"

My dad, GRHS, was a bonafide Marketing Genius, and avid Milwaukee Braves fan (That's where I got the two signed County Stadium WS Programs came from) would have been very impressed by the comprehensive nature of the solution to the continued sales of Topps products both in the hobby and in the retail markets.

This card makes me think about my dad. He was a strong and proud man. I miss him horribly.

Sometimes this blog will get real, but what did you want? fluf? ef that.

Since this will almost definitely be my last "TMC" redemtion, and I have 7 cards already(that I like, not LOVE) soooo....

What is your suggestion?



go now?



  1. I've been sitting on one for a while and haven't seen any vintage runs yet. I'll sound the Horn of Gondor if I do to alert other collectors. Who knows if there will be another vintage jackpot until series II--it's very clever work by Topps.

  2. SERIES 2!? I had no idea there was a...ok, I give up. My next TMCG post is dedicated to what new lines they dig up for SII. this is some deep s**t and you know it...

    think about the dudes out there sitting on like 100+ unredeemed codes...the possibilities make me dizzy...