Thursday, April 29, 2010

Issues of mine, and other peoples:Peterson comes down on Topps

Carl "Yaz" Yazstremski as "Il Pagliachi" or a hobo clown painting from my 8th grade buddy's living room back in Jersey. Just so many "no"s. up and down, this is a disgrace. And none of the profit is going to the middle schoolers who painted these bitches! they get an ice cream sandwich and a free TMCG are burning bridges here topps. Just cuz you are the only game in town, you slack off, and we all go to collecting "vintage" upper deck.

Boy, does a busted hard-drive do wonders to ruin your blog...

I just wanted to drop a note here. Until I have 2 back-to-back hours of uninterrupted free time, the blog will continue to languish, the trade packages will wait until saturday, and I will continue buring the candle at both ends.

Quick note:

DO NOT BUY Topps Pro Debut. I have a bunch of reasons, and a seperate post for all of them.

LONGER NOTE: National Chicle was WAY WORSE than I thought it would be, and if you were reading around here last fall, you know that I aqm not the only one.

we are talking clown faces, disproportionate limbs/features, and bloated corpses on cards. fucking sweet Topps...I guess you want the drought to continue until Ginter when you know we will all have money to spend snatching up those hobby boxes creating a secondary market shitstorm I want no part of.

oh, and National Chicle autos are on card. wtf. why would you tease me like that!? I am trying to find one to purchase that does not hurt my sense of aesthetics, but I ain't found shit.
I do not want to be at work today.


  1. It isn't very good looking but I wold be happy to have an on card auto of Yaz.

  2. I agree with you on the Chicle looking like crap. The football was terrible as well. Topps has got to start making something good besides just a base set and Ginter.

  3. definately a hobo clownish look to him

  4. AE, I feel you, but I honestly could not look at this every time through my auto collection...I mean, not even for an on-card YAZ! I couldn't do it.