Sunday, March 10, 2013

Y'Know Folks: I Would Trade Most Of My Cards For The Following

     I have no reason for this just irking me now, but I do not own an auto of any of my "major major leaguers". I have no Cal to speak of, No Hank, no Nolan Ryan, not even a Frank robinson for gahds sake. These caliber cards would be cornerstones of my collection. I have Boss cards of all of these guys. I have a brooksie that was furnished in a long-ago trade with a dear friend, Beardy.
The main reason, I have found, is the over-powering urge, when purchasing cards, to go for quantity and chance over preference and expense. I don't get anything like that out of a blaster, and the upper deck issues are sky-high. It is high time that I put some effort into converting my collection. I will be ready to divest more than half of all of my cards before the summer is through. I will make sure that I let you all in on the set-buildng fodder I have (like heritage sets from 05-08, A&G unfinished sets, and a few completes that were prizes (like 07UD predictors purple and 2 and 14/16 2011 diamond factory sets). That kind of stuff.
thanks again for reading, and sent me an email if you ever see any trades that you are interested in. I send first cuz I don't give a singe care.



  1. Hey bud, sent you a couple e-mails.. I need your mailing address! And input on the GQ case break!