Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Duelling Autos: Gorgeous Card, Cooky Combo

Stan Lopata was once described, in his younger years with the Phillies by Dizzy Dean as "a man hittin' from an easy chair" and was eventually part of a trade that brough him to the "friendly" fans in Milwaukee and sent Gene Conley and others to the Phillies in 1959. Lopatta was confident that his bum knee wouldn't cause a problem behind the backstop in Milwaukee. Wrong. He wasn't used much and batted a well sub-Mendoza .104 in 48 ABs and was released in October.
I really dig this card, every one who reads here often knows that I love the myriad versions that Matt Gamel's Tron-like sig. but is this the most unlikely pairing I have ever seen? probably.
Am I sure I want ol stan rockin an M Braves hat...not really.
As always, if you know something I do not...share.

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