Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Watching Topps Jump The Shark: Complacency is a Sin in This Biz...

Let's talk football cards. Just for a minute. I love Topps Chrome this year, and hate the baseball version.

Topps Prime is the worst product I have seen in ages. It is a mash-up of fleer ultra, stadium club and the dregs of late 2000s Upper Deck offerings. I really thought I had hit the wall with Unrivaled...
Speaking of Unrivaled, It is Uninspired at best. In both of these products, the retail "hits" are more of a joke than the Platinum "variation" decoys, I mean, Cards.
One or, if you are lucky, two non-numbered, ugly, non-SP decoys per blaster. Goddam Topps is playing us for idiots. Watering down their products even further while we all sit in the card aisle waiting for Godot.
At least they (and the secondary market) are finally cooling on those misleading-at-best "Rookie Worn" materials cards #d to 499 or higher...

and I'm done.
trade with me.


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