Friday, February 25, 2011

2011 Baseball in Virginia: The Great JV Coaching Experiment Continues...

Yes, that's right folks, we are soon to be embarking on the newest installment of the Great JV Baseball Coaching Experiment (recently coined). I will be coachint the JV Team again this Spring and will be "playing" as a Warrior, this year against the Blue Devils of the past year's expedition into coaching highschool baseball.
I have to say that I have been extremely impressed by the veteran Head Coach that I will be working under, as well as the seasoned JV Head coach I will be directly working with. Awesome guys the both of them.
Major advantage: this year the other coaches are all older and more experienced than me.
Complete opposite of last year.
I am excited, the Brewers and O's have some exciting shit to dole out to their respective divisions, and I will be coaching first base (BACKBACKBACK).
life is good.

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  1. If you need anybody to throw BP to your boys, let me know, I seriously live 10 minutes from the school. Heck, last summer my adult league team played there a few times.