Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'll Take the $10 blaster: Best of Both Worlds

The freaks come out at night....

Longo mini
Beckett Black Gypsy-Back
Night SP Tulo,
and motherf%$king Buffalo Bill himself (easily one of the best cards in the set).

I've opened boxes of goodwin in the past, but only one hobby and maybe a blaster or two. This does not affect my love for this set. It has grown on me like a mediocre college campus, and despite the clogged-drain, full garbagecan, beautiful agony of the painting, have grown to feel at home in its arm-chair beige, multi-sport righteousness. I never had the pleasure of pulling a Night SP previous to this blaster, and so I was intimately aware of what I was looking for/that which I had not seen in person until the opening of the box. I love it. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a little bit of a roll I was on (more to follow in $10 bargain bin blaster endeavors) I am am not so much a hockey fan as I am a fan of Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Patrick Roy, and most of all, OVI. sick pulls. Roy was inspiring as "une habitante", and I was honored to have opened this box.
Gretzky mini
UD Anny Patrick Roy Game-Used Jersey
Carey Price (rc)
Alex Ovechkin
Thank you, bargain Bin.


  1. Adam is totally getting that Beckett. Wait til you see what he sent me last week. holy shit.

  2. Well, I have owed you for a long time and you sent some pretty good damn stuff yourself...