Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CHOP SHOP: I Don't Miss Donruss, and Don't Like Stickers

(never seen at Wal-mart: 2011bowman, or GQ (no shit, 2/3 stops a week and not one piece of ANYTHING).

( On the shelf on the other side: this book)

Some people (companies) Just think they are...
But when you go squeezing Dennis' auto into a poorly fit window, and then, mah eff it, throw it in Upside-Down! rare 1/1 UER!!!
or, bullshit.

This is the card that started my fury. I would buy this card and slice out the serial # and stick it on some fancy Bip to send to Beardy or Tim.

F-Mart?(who was clearly watching Sex in The City while he signed this auto) Isn't that the name of the intolerably poorly-staffed and rude 7-11? wtf.

1 comment:

  1. I won't tell anybody that you watch Sex and the City if you don't tell them that I do too, okay?

    Do we have a deal?

    Speaking of deals... aren't we supposed to be trading or something?