Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Box Breaks Team Style: Like Gum in eBay's Hair.

You can't look up "hobby box" and expect to go shopping for the best deal on wax anymore without scrolling past hundreds of recently-established "group breaks" available for purchase through ebay. I don't even have the patience to look inside one, but I assume they have some way of making the customer feel at ease about receiveing a few cards out of a box. how will any of these buyers (up to 30+seperate people?!) know what the other got? Mostly it bothers mw when shopping becasue there is no way to "exclude" these burrs from the browsing process.
I have got to stop shopping on eBay.

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  1. So I'm a month late. Shoot me.

    I looked at one of these out of curiosity once, and they fall into one of two categories. In the past, the page just had a list of teams with the claimed ones crossed out, or with the claimant listed next to the team. I've been seeing more break listings done auction style, with one team per auction. I guess if you like the Rays or Pirates you get a pretty good deal.

    When looking for sets on eBay I've been adding "-team -finish -your -pick -lot" to the end of my search to get rid of all those annoyances, and if I want to avoid breaks, I just add "-break*" to my search.