Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hometown Hero: Justin Verlander and the Failed Card Sale

So I attended a street festival yesterday and brought some cards with me. Assorted GU, some random autos for a buck and a book full of refractors and #d cards from 03-now. I also had Glass Art marbles (which usually sell well for mother's day as I sold a few last year at the same event).

In summation, I sold one marble for 10 less than i paid 6 years ago, and gave away about 30 cards out of my "free cards" box. Nobody even picked up the I won't be doing that again.

The last card to be pulled was by a young man in bright sunglasses and a flat-brim celtics hat with a skinny build. He seemed interested enough so I told him to grab a few cards (as it was the only way to at least keep them at the table for a minute or two).

The card he picked last he came up saying "...and Justin Verlander, local Hero" (He's from about 10 min west in goochland)

well, when I got home to watch baseball tonight on tivo, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Justin has been continuing his ascention to the ranks of Nolan Ryan-like status. I know very well the comparison that I am making, and I know it may still be a stretch, but when I watch justin while he is ON...I can't help but think of the freight train-like dominance of Nolan on the mound.

I was just reminding my lady about watching him throw in the WS years ago in a lobby restaurant in an all-to-empty city of Wilmington, DE.

I was falling in love with my future wife...and Justin's fastball/change-up combo.

Great Job Sir. My hat is off to you once more.

Can you make it long enough to get 6?.....ok sorry I asked.

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