Friday, August 26, 2011

Nyjer Morgan:And I Got Excited When He Came To DC...

I really like Nyger Morgan.

This kid is raw. just like alot of the kids I coach, he is able, forthright to a fault and plays HIS game with the fire that can burn some people he is near. However, I guarantee you this kid is polite as can be in low-intensity situations.

I originally wanted to compare his stay in DC (nearest MLB to me) to Lastings Millege, who had some mild success in CF before his "behavior" or "non-baseball" actions and attitude to get him let go after a decent year. I thought I was having Dejau vu when Nyjer let loose in a Nats uni.

Then off he went, another extreme young talent in a thorny, self-assured package, only to land in Milwaukee?! I wanted Brady Clark back so bad for a second, then I thought about what he could do with speedy-CF and base-stealing friendly Miller Park...mmmminterestink.

Then I started watching him with the Brewers. The fire, The speed, and the work. He was trying to impress some guys closer to him in age that he actually really admired in Prince, Rickie, The Hammer and other young guys working their asses off, making their own team, and making it work despite injuries, set-backs and pitching you can essentially flip a coin on.

I have sensed some definite comfort in the way he carries himself and the speed and intensity with which he tries to lead the SPEED of the team in general (like in a D&D or Final Fantasy kind of way)

why did I end like that?


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