Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Browsing: The Inverse "Aha!" Moment

I was browsing the auction sites as I am want to do when I am put up with a bum knee, checking on some "investments" and takin' a gander at cards I would never Topps Triple Threads. too many reasons to list that haven't been well-outlined in another blog.

Let's start with the obvious:
Dammit, you guys.
 Everyone involved in this one from the nickname to the sig to the construction/design.

and then get specific.

Right Now: I want to know why one would put Atlanta Braves on a fine-looking Warren Spahn GU card.
Many of you know my particular affection for the Milwaukee Braves, and have a deep respect for Warren and the other guys that came out to Miller Town when the franchise made the move.
I am even in favor of Hank Aaron in an A-braves uni because of his lengthy and inspiring work down south. You find me a stat from Warren in Atlanta. He was drafted in 1940 by the "Bees" and even played bits at the end with the Mets and the Giants, but no Atlanta, at all. Come on.
The only two Braves teams I have and will ever love are of the Milwaukee and Richmond variety.
Let's try to keep our stories straight here, people.


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