Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to school Blues: At least my teams are making it happen.

I am once again on a steady regimen of disobedience and tacit threats to my health. I have so much to talk about...the seasons, foot and base ball converging (my favorite time of year)

Topps Chrome's rebound from last year's bent-wookie, so off-center you wonder how they got out of the factory to a shiny, NON-EMBOSSED card. I will address this spreading atrocity in some other post. I want my shiny wrinkles back NOW. Flat-faced chrome is for pussies and children. I have now made it clear that this blog is for neither.

also: Acadia National Park is where I want to live when I die.

Topps Football Legends giveaway is so fkking wack. Will not purchase.

Teaching public High School is for self-indulgent sadists.

Been screwed severely by retail so far in 2011. BS.

I blew it on Randall Cobb. I like to collect Packers rookies, and this kid had to do that in prime time to put his Topps/DiCaprio collab Inception rookie auto out of my price range within 10 MINUTES of his first TD.

people are so damn impulsive.

that is why I have a blog at all.

love you all. Miss you terribly. beard and I are trading, and Tim. will post 2010-11 trade bait asap.


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