Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's a Good Time to be a Wisconsin Sports Fan: Living in Virginia, Where It Is Still Warm...

to be sure, nothing to scoff at.
We've been trying to crack that damn egg for decades.
But now I am just feeling done with baseball.
 I hear Wes McElroy givin' me the business about how good of a World Series it was turning out to be, but I just wanted to see my brewers on the MAINSTAGE one time. I am definitely not saying it can't be done, and I was more in love with this particular group of characters than any crew since Cirillo, BClark, Counsell Bill Hall and Overbay were producing, and Turbo was closing.
these kids, plus Counsell, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude to for bringing what I am sure is invaluable experience to the clubhouse, just had me all the way. I want to thank Nyjer for holding it together. It is not easy to contain that kind of energy. I won't get into anything about Prince, he wanted to win as bad as anyone. I could not be happier about the rising of Ryan Braun. I bought into him when he came out of Miami, and will proudly support his future Captainship of the Floating Keg.

That being said, I have alot to fall back on. I am a fan of wisconsin sports from Brady St. and River West and from Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay. (sorry Racine)

     that means I get to ride a few waves this winter...
This guy has his eye out for me.

Alas Though, I am back at school and am working with some of the toughest groups of students yet.
I seem to keep getting better at letting it all roll off, but in the end...

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