Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's See Who's Out There: Karma Check for All of Us

say you found a 24 pk retail box sitting with the blasters you were oggling just for curiosity's sake.
...say you didn't see a sticker on it, so you just "left" it in your basket while you bought food, cat litter etc. You know, just to see what's what.
then you run it under one of the price check machines and it comes up "item not found".
this does not deter you, nor do you put it back.
while checking out, and here's where it gets dicey...
the checker asks you how much it is.

"I think 20 dollars like the other boxes?" you reply.
Checker: :scanblip:..."yep". [he keys in 19.99]
you take your bags and go on about your day.

now the question I am asking you:


  1. if it's Pandora... I want pictures.

  2. I say "screw the man," you're getting something HUGE. Even if you don't "SCREW THE MAN!"

  3. A dead cat? No! A live cat! No, um... maybe? We won't know until we open it. Damn you Schrodinger!