Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Are Yu Really Serious?!: No Tell Me The Truth...You're Kidding Right?!

I know, I know...I've been at this too long to be shocked by what people will pay for a Stras or Bryce (or even Brien, Maas or Nomo) but since the storm around GQ was only stoked by last year's release and there still being no real product to compete against, I have been watching. I have been looking for that score like last year's Markakis $27.00 #/25 framed auto relic. I have to be patient, but in the meantime this set is still taking off. (my only complaint is the super-drab concept which permeates the parallels as well as the base cards and inserts; that said, it dominates last year's khaki-pants look)

The exceptional specimen below sold for 238.00 even after 22 bids. (238 is my lucky #). That's a lot of cash nowadays. (and yes I'm almost old enough to say "nowadays".)
Then something else caught my eye the same day...
This little bastard below went for $730.00. Seven Hundred and Thirty American Dollars.
5 bids...not a shil in the bunch...wow. I don't care who or what tells me, there is no effing way this guy's auto is worth that much. Next you're going to tell me how much it'll be worth after you grade it...

I have absolutely no desire to own the card on the bottom...but to have won the card above for 238.00 for my BD or gift...woulda been like my dear sainted and departed Mum and Dad themselves gave it to me.

oh, and in the comments section, I don't want to hear shit about availability/print runs...
EDIT: I heard the print run for Yu was 25. Just sayin'.


  1. Hank Aaron has signed thousands of autographs over the years - they're not rare.

    I believe these are the first Yu Darvish autographs to hit the North American market, aside from whatever people were able to get him to sign during spring training and the first weeks of the season. (And remember that there are Japanese collectors who will want them, too.)

  2. Good lookin' out Paul, but you failed to read the fine print.