Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just Exceptional: Inspiring Autograph Gallery (Been Sittin On These)

As I've stated, I am trying to "get back on the horse" here, so here's a "dump" of sorts, of some of the best single, non-categorized, non significant players' autographs I've seen since my last post. I have a few themed posts in the works so I got to get this out of my system...hewego...

Similar to Pat Neshek's Prominent "P", Andy had it down years early. I have seen a few of Andy's specimens, and it appears he prefers paper that bleeds a little, so you have to write quickly or be labeled a "hack". 
I am trying to figure out if this sig is upside-down or not...(even thought I know) Paper, sticker or what, this guy has back-handed skills like the SHAH star Gary Sheffield.

 These Wilkins come in two types: shaky and extra shaky. This kind of dedication to follow-through is why I still follow the hobby at all.
 Search "machado auto" and behold the sickness...Exceptional Alejandro here is not alone, though New Manny is making a mess of the category. (see below)
Anderson has a knack for pseudo-symmetry that is all-so-important in a visually-appealing 'graph.

 Slick white stock has gotten the better of Phips in 2010-12...he is scrawling all over topps' on-card offerings with reckless abandon. (this insert design is one of my few favorite non-upper deck white-stock ones in years. I am crazy for the framing and minimalism. "crowd pleasers"? dammit.why!?awkward.
Just ran across this the other day. I need to get my hands on one so I can do some measuring...

 Any man who starts and ends his auto with an "8" is alright with me. He really "got the idea" of that 2006 Bowman Chrome certified auto area...

 They see me rollin...(and yes, I kinda hated bret boone)

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