Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Fan Favorite" indeed: Youk Traded During Game

The youkah was definitely one of my personal Boston Fan Favorites. I've watched him grind through games and have flashes of brilliance. He's a smart guy on the field, and versatile. To bad he switched sox.
The card above is one of the best autos from the set, and, in my opinion, the best photo of all of them. Heritage gold.

     Wjile I was watching Kevin's last game, he was taken out mid-seventh(?) and made a tip of the cap to the fans, then Bobby V (whom I always knew was evil) chased him down and sent him out for a curtain call. DURING the game. It was shyte. It made me feel like his bags were packed and Bobby was cottling him with his tail between his legs, "you want to get a shower before your flight Youk? "Can I get your bags?"

strike 2, Bobby.

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