Saturday, January 26, 2013

If You Gotta Cut...Cut here.

i am a huge fan of how this card turned out. as some of you may know, i am not partial to re-cut photos or cards as the medium for the signature in question. this one has such an iconic stance highlighted from the knees down. combine this with the chucks and socks and we are not only  looking at classic basketball posture, but fasion as well. sheer excellence in where to cut if you have to. [oh and my shift keys are crapped out so deal.] i bought one blaster of cut signatures and landed this...
'daffy' was realted to 'dizzy' dean, and made some fame for himself as well. wouldn't you know i was strapped for cash and sold it the next day for 120.00and change. if i were a retired/deceased auto collector this would never have left my hands. it is an awesome piece but i have to get used to only keeping a photo of some of my pulls.
next up;
pulls from the fall/winter; rack packs been berry berry good to me. eff you sammy.


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