Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pulls:Rack Packs Were Good To Me; Well, everything was...

It really pays to hit the retail early before the pack-searchers get through with it. I never had better overall success than during a binge last year.
oh, and I don't have time for deal.

 double Jordany is not to be confused with double Jeopardy. Wong, Kelly and Fernandez look to be watchable prospects, and may prove to have the meddle for the bigs some day. I hope so.
 I love will middlebrooks. Skaggs should prove to be a contender too. All aside from Will will (no typo) be on sale this summer. This was the extent of my prospecting for 2012. 7rack packs and 3 blasters. nice.
 These two are keepers. I love the proportions of the Wylie card and the speaks to me. Little Timmy is on-card and is an all-american. thank you for the guaranteed autos "leaf"
 Exceptional design from Topps. I love simplicity, and this use of minimal chrome and plenty of white make this well photoed Lipka a star at home.
 I wanted an auto of Cuthbert, but not necessarily one of him looking like a 5yr old who just crapped his pants...after telling you he didn't crap his pants. Good enough design and I got a few Richmond Flying Squirrels for the home team.
 I sort of dig this design. Never a huge fan of open-ended horizontals, especially if they don't use the whole space...Mr. Nash I'm looking in your general direction.
I am crazy about this year's Rookies and Stars. I hit this in a blaster. Great looking card with a below-avg. auto. Have you noticed how some topps products are basic and fundamental rip-off of old UD titles...that stings. I was an UD man since 89.
I yoinked this from a blaster of A&G (it REALLY pays to buy early) Currently up for sale due to the money value of the card being more than sentimental value.
 I bought the Felix last spring, and got the Markakis in a shady deal with the reclusive Beardy. I haven't gotten a chance to show them off.

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  1. Wow......I'm impressed! Been a while since my daughter has had any hot pulls like that. However we have bought little stuff lately too.