Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day One, No Topps....We'll See How Long This Lasts

I'm going out to buy 40-60 of retail today. If there is nothing there, I'll be by the LCS, but I never get out of there for less than 70. The main reason I don't visit any longer.

I really already want to bust like a case of 2013 topps chrome (I don't know a lot of us who don't)...will I make it?

Lets go over the products that I will still be "alternatives"

Cooperstown (panini)- tried a box. Crazy drab. Got a few neat keepers like a couple of "famous baseballs" cards and a few of my favorite HOFs, but overall very, very BLAH. too many plaques and old players in suits.

Contenders(panini, again)-Hideous. Did not buy. Waaaay to many "accent lights" in the photos and strange softball jerseys.

Prizm(panini) hey there, sorry if you bought this. worst effort on the board. Thousands of sticker autos of like 12 players.

Golden Age- I got "lucky" with my box and got a very cool Mickey Lolich auto card with amazing design. Ther museum age Billy Martin I will try to trade for same card, dif. player. The "hit" designs are, indeed, golden. Did I need dupes of the three stooges? no. Did I need another Eisenhower card? yes. This one's not bad. I may try my chances with a hobby box if the price i right.

Leaf (panini)-Ultimate draft and other Baseball releases have been amazing( thank you again upper deck). but the singles are not cheap, and the whole "crusade" thing just turns me off so that's out. (Leave religion and a bloody era of ethnocentrism in the books, not behind ballplayers).

Rittenhouse Archives-Marvel releases are actually great for the money. so much to catch up on since I was never a "comic guy" ZERO BASEBALL PLAYERS. Doh.

Panini(panini)- Crap. I do dig the design of EEE this year, and have a small stash of 8auto prospects
 I've bought multiple Panini releases only to find that they have de-numbered alot of cards in old leaf/donruss sets resurrected (mostly football) Another major issue was the box of USA champions I bought. ALL of the STICKER auto hits were beat up! like "don't bother to try to sell" beat-up. like "I bought my 5yr-old nephew an expensive box of cards" beat up. Sent two emails, no reply. No patience for the phone.

wish me luck. I need it.

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