Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's That Time: How To Downsize Like A Man

WOW. I guess if I had to say anything, I would start with the fact that "that time has come to me like all 30+ collectors, whereupon my wife and I shall burden ourselves with tiny human life".
aka, time to ditch some cards.
I will list the huge base and insert lots here, and likely on Blowout forum (timelovesahero)
for dirt cheap/shipping only. I am a giver. A real caring nurturer. I want you to have the cards I don't want. First let's get to my plan for incoming cards:

first up:
Due to circumstances as of late, I am considering boycotting topps products altogether.
(when I say it like that, it feels like I'm saying "I'm quitting smoking" there's more to it than just not doing it.)

1. They finally made a design in 2013 that I like more than 5/10 (museum collection/flagship tied with 7/10)
nope, I got nothing, They've been more or less the same company for the last 15yrs. (I'll get to what changed below)

1. Topps "customer service" is a joke (this cannot be understated) I am not the only one who agrees, and this is burning collectors everywhere. Redemptions, replacements, missing hits and damaged cards are causing headaches everywhere; and not just from the nit-picking heads who just want more/something different than they got in their box.

 We are consumers, not customers. Customers get consideration as a group of interested individuals, consumers get taken for granted and ignored unless they don't buy something.

You used to be able to get cards replaced, or even just call or email for info on products and promotions.
No longer is this an option. I personally have tested this to the tune of a total of 3.5 hours of phone (wait) time with the result of ZERO out of 5 calls answered. I have sent two emails...neither has returned.

2. Exclusive rights Topps has a stranglehold on MLB til 2020. A year I hardly thought I would actually see. shit. They are clearly on autopilot/upper deck ripoff mode.

3. Sticker autos in premium products. WHY? Luckily, I don't buy "high end" boxes, so this one hurts the least, but has a long a storied history on this blog as a "screw you, we have a freaking BINDER of those..." from Topps.

as for outgoing....I have so many that would net me money on ebay I don't even have the time to handle that. Any regulars, get at me with needs, we'll see what I can do.
I'm still working on a GCRL package that is so blue. Dodger Blue.

who wants mad base from2011- 2013 topps? series one and two, at least a three-row box full. I gotta get that out of my little house as the boxes are creeping on me since I haven't traded or donated in a while.
(whatever I cannot trade by the time I prep the house this fall, I donate all cards to million cards for kids and the JDRF as well as dropping some off at the children's hospital over at Bon Secours, where my mother met her tender end)

ta for now,

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