Friday, November 11, 2011

Omar Vizquel: Tied In Knots..."ay, you playin again this year Omar"?

Omar had a great run in the majors, He actually did most of his damage and made a name for himself with the Indians in the 90s. I will reiterate for newer readers, that I went on a sports hiatus from right at the baseball strike (didn't hurt that it coincided with the first surge of pubescent need to venture) until right around 2001 when I graduated college and bartended on Cape Cod.

All this doesn't preclude me from harping positivity on his example before you.
He has the full knot up twice, and almost a third time at the front in "Omar"
I, myself, the royal "we", also have multiple knots, almost identical to his,
 in my own auto, so I feel akin. (mine are on the "t" and "s" in Peterson-looks just like above except the second knot, the "s" is smaller to create proportionality)

He even makes time to get in my personal favorite "inscriptions", the jersey #.
Leaf,Donruss, again almost clipped a great rendition of a Man's Mark,
but, they make it super-easy to ignore all but the sig-in-the-box...

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