Monday, November 14, 2011

READER POLL (AND POOL, WITH PRIZE) Premiering the "Home After Blyleven Collection"

I need some real answers and I want them bad enough to give you cards to get them. I have been writing this blog and keeping up as best I can for some time now, and the numbers aren't doin it anymore...

 Why do you read this blog?
(details not withstanding)

1. post a comment, name goes in twice.

2. Email your reason (name goes in twice)

3. Expand in email with details or critique as a writer, or consumer of my "product" per se
(not slam, reserved for those on my blogroll only, no dbags)
(If I gain aven a glimmer of insight, Name goes in three times)

If you respond to this poll, your post name will be entered into and photo'd to determine single winner.
SIDEBAR I have about 5000-10,000 2005-10 cards that you can walk away with for free if you know where I live (you can ask) and can pick them up (if it involves more than this, money will be exchanged)

the prize: Your pick of my "Home After Blyleven: Tipsy" collection including the "cognac diamond parallel from the update series".


  1. I read it because I might learn something and see some cool cards I might otherwise not see. I also admire your autograph standards. Some cards should be downgraded to less than commons based on the scribbles on the card.

  2. let's see... I like seeing cards that I probably don't have myself. And I like the whole autograph thing... always entertaining. But more than that I like your rather odd sense of humour. It reminds me of me, and I like me.

  3. hey there - stumbled upon your blog through someone else. cant say i'm a reader- never read it before...BUT ...i'm always on the hunt for another good blog to read. certainly from the title of your blog, i see potential for you as a witty scholar. not that i am any kind of 'writer'. if you stop by my blog (shameless plug follows)-->

    you'll see that i'm not a writer at all. but i can certainly offer input as a 'consumer'. i'll do some reading later (as time allows), and may or may not email my critique. that email business seems so pretentious. i dont think it'll be a slam, since i can see your wit just from the comments on your good,bad and ugly. anyway - good luck with your blog and keep up with the presumably- good work.

  4. holy cow - Captain Canuck ! another cc !! (in reference to someone elses blog entry today).

  5. Dude, your avatar is the Dude. I need to move you over to my privileged blogroll, you keep getting lost in the shuffle of 400 other blogs.

  6. I read almost every card blog around (that I know of) whether the writing is good or not. You fall on the good side and I love that you point out the good and bad that is the world of autographed cards.