Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shouldn't Have: Did, and Won

Stopped to get sundries at the local Rite Aid, when what should be to the right of the counter? two of these guys and a really dusty pack of 2010 Upper Deck. I asked the college student behind the counter what they cost. I got one of the 2011 Topps footall you see below for 1.99 (I have never seen a pack like this, foil rack pack?), and the UD for a penny...weird, but fully a must.
Never heard of the guy before, which is not surprising because he plays for the Bengals...on defense...looked him up and he appears to have a favorable reputation in his short time in Cincy.

 I like his sig, especially with the "K" inside the large "R" loop. Points to this quick, otherwise uninspired auto for an actual "dot" over the "i" as it may, the card itself is a solid offering with a very very cool photo of Keith assessing the offensive formation. The colors are really sharp, but still can't make up for the (dirty-edged) sticker.
However, upon further inspectionthe odds of pulling one of these autos lands at 1:1061 (assuming it is a Group C auto, which I cannot confirm through my current resources, if you all have a good site/sites for full checklists, let me know)
hell, unless someone wants to trade, I do buhleeve we have a keepah hyah.


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  1. At least it's an interesting auto and from retail no less.