Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ryan Braun: Eye-muffs

Are you truly fucking serious? One of the spate of influences that got me back into collecting? Who carried the brewers in my heart down to virginia in 07, and, along with easily one of the most loveable teams Milwaukee has seen since maybe the short-lived 88-93 "Robin's Egg's" years...
We have yet to hear your "reason" for this positive test, but it was a positive Manny's...and you are a fucking liar. Is it too good to be true? Short answer: yes. Long answer: keep watching baseball til you die. It won't change much.
I have a ton of your cards. I have every 2005-2007 card.
I have every 2007 Topps (RC), AND 2008 topps ROY variation ever printed
I was really looking forward to collecting a rainbow or patch of your
so much for that shit.
I just feel sick about it, but maybe I'll get better.
even if someone slipped you something during the chaos of the playoff run...
It is still your body, your responsibility, your team, your fans.
they are called that for a reason.
live up to it, or leave it alone.

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