Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Miami "Professional" Baseball: Like catching a real Marlin, it's going to be a struggle.

Wow, if you guys are this big of a disaster in the dead of winter (up here, at least) I cannot wait to see where this s**t flies, having already started to hit the fan and disperse throughout the room of baseball...the Unis, two Shortstops, now you look like Bernie Madoff...I believe this event may likely be too high to register even on the Buehrle meter. Now we can take a moment to imagine if Albert was reppin' South Beach.

        "Following the financial meltdown of 2008, President Bush diagnosed the deus ex machina of the Great Recession like this: "Wall Street got drunk." He was wrong. Wall Street did not get drunk. Wall Street got over. Wall Street made billions underwriting crappy mortgagees, repackaging them as Triple-A investments and peddling them to naïve investors (read: your 401(k), state pension plans); made billions more placing side bets on and against the preceding criminal, but not technically criminal practice; made billions on top of that when the whole unsustainable shell game went belly up, thanks to a massive, unprecedented influx of taxpayer cash -- again: your money -- via TARP and the Federal Reserve's money-for-nothing "discount window," which in turn allowed financial houses to keep handing out the kind of outsized salaries and bonuses that had the encamped residents of Zuccotti Park so peeved."

from Bleacher Report dot com

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