Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Other Head Is A Sneaker: Best Auction Ever (I think I've used that qualifier before)

     I'll keep this short because I am going "off the record" (if you haven't heard the song by that name by My Morning Jacket, do it)

      This is the goofiest auction I have ever seen. check out this auction for a pair of "air jordans".
 Make sure you check the "fine print"...

While I do collect alot of things, I tend to get the best return on my investment with the cards. My love of the autograph and sports is what started this blog, as sports stars often have little else remarkable about them aside from their stats and script and cardboard.

     For those of you outside the now-open closet that is the "SneakerHead"
(or participant in the "shoe game"), here's a peek. 
 Fancy rubber-leather-synthetic conglomerates created to cover, protect, and even "enhance" your feet, are worth a small fortune.
new, on eBay, Jordans go for $250+ new. And that's the ones that are "hot" or just came out. There are literally 50-100 auctions for the exact same pair of shoes, but all of these people paid $160. That's retail.
these are fake, but they look good.

The president getting the new jordan "spi'zike's" from Spike Lee himself (whom I respect more for his art than his sneakers) is much better news than people getting robbed all over the metro richmond area after waiting hours in the cold for them. (If you are going to publicly announce your acquisition of a $200 pair of sneakers, get a ride home.)

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