Monday, February 20, 2012

Topps Diamond Giveaway: The Truth Is Out There...

I could be imagining all of this, but I have about 50 cards on the TDG site, and I will be having about 12-15 sent to me. I have noticed some weird stuff about the site.

1. I have been offered a 1983, 1984 or 1985 gaylord perry by at least 15 different users(I wasn't paying attention at first) or about 25-30 times since I entered my first code. (1983 dominates with a solid 15 of those) No other single card, or player (out of hundreds of offers turned down) fits this pattern.
2. I get offered cards that I had already tried to trade word: Bots. Accounts run by people at topps to keep it all moving.
3. I also seem to get a lot of cards in the categories I search...brewers, orioles, 1973, etc.

more to come from me later.


  1. I wish I was getting cards in the category I search most (1956).

  2. I still see the same six or seven names offering up stupid stuff (cards from either one or two years LATER than the requested one, or silly 90's cards for vintage).
    And some of the offers repeat.
    Both of these conditions result in an instant ban (if it was possible to ban offers).
    I bet they're all bots, since I never get any decent offers any more.

  3. PS; Email your list of 93 Studio. I broke a box and have a ton of dupes. QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com.
    My wants at