Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bowman Chrome Appeal: I'll Revisit This...

You've heard the story. "I'm not buying cards because I am getting married in August", or some rendition of that ilk. Well, Bowman continues to bring me back. After what I considered a mediocre design in 2011 is followed by some really sharp lines (like I like em). The autos are nothing to get nuts about right now, unless you are a serious prospector, which I am not anymore as of last year. I believe that I have a collection of 2006-2011 bochro to net me a few scores down the line with the right RCs and Autos that I have amassed. I mean, I pulled a Gio Gonzalez auto rc in the only box of 2004 bochro I ever broke and was like..."shit, who knows". but I liked the sig a lot. I kept it, and now he is leading an attention-getting (even mine) machine in the Washington Nationals. I collect Ian Desmond because I have a soft spot for the short stop. But now we come to a time when I have been in Virginia long enough, and things are evolving without me in Milwaukee, that it only stands to reason that I must choose eventually between the Birds (my very first team and games 84-88) and the Nats, who are light-years closer traffic-wise, and have what I cannot be convinced is not a bright future.
Here is a shout out to some of my favorite Bowman Chrome RC autos:



  1. I met and spoke with Gavin when he was with the Lakewood Blueclaws. He explained how he was always disappointed as a kid when he couldn't read a player's autograph so he always tries to sign with very good penmanship.

  2. he's long been one of my favorites. you give him an on-card option and he does it right every single time. great to see my blog's ethos mirrored in actual players...