Friday, May 4, 2012

MCA NO!!!: God Bless you and Thank You Adam

 The first music tape I ever owned was the Beastie Boys-Liscenced to Ill in 1986. That was the beginning of being cool. It was the powell-peralta, perma-skinned knees, hair over the eyes, "surfer" tan and the boombox. The grey beast barely mobile, with chrome accents that was too loud for anyone in the neighborhood except me and my boys.
Adam, we knew you had cancer in 2009. I tried to deny it, and without it being in my face all the time (unlike with my parents' losing battle), I was able to deny it.

damn the passage of time and it's unyeilding entropic interference.
I am so unhappy right now.

Note on Junior Seau and others lost along the way this week:
Also, props to all those leaving us in time. Junior was a blow yesterday, but I never lived in Cali and never liked the chargers. I knew he was one of the best, but that was about it. He really killed it during the years I was not watching football. I am sorry for his loss as well, but this one hits me where it hurts...pre-puberty.


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