Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 Topps: A Break To Break The Hardest Breakers

So I was an upper deck man when they were around. Nowadays I have been riding the "show me what you got, Topps train that started in 2010. This is the first base release since then that has grabbed my interest. I haqve compiled a few images from ebay and other sites to show you the simple answer as to why I want to buy another hobby box ASAP. I don't think I've said that since 2006 BoChro. Anyway, on with the show. Your welcome Topps.
 I bid on this one but it got away. I love the use of silver and the "brushed" or "galvanized" look of the softened areas of chrome. It really adds a look of true distinction that I feel topps has previously really missed the mark on. (uhem 2008 clown show)

 The relics available are amazing, even in a world of relic-tired cynics like myself. Bob Clemente? Yes, please. All day long.
 Dedication to memorializing the Fall Classic have been strong with topps, but with mixed results. This year's look great. (Last year's were amazing with the leaves and what-not)
 I gotta let the rest speak for itself. Let's just say that I am excited for my Box break. The ossibilities are endless, but the break is limited. Stay tuned for my personal hits and a review of the "silver slate" cards when they arrive.

 upper deck did it.

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