Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trade Bait: Because My Readers Are More Important Than Money.

Here we go, What you guys don't want to trade for (remember I am not looking to "make out on a trade" or "get value" as that is how we do around here). See my updated sideroll for wants. I am a simple trader. Also Team needs aside form the next few posts will be handsomely hooked up as my knee is fuct again and I am moving in a year or so. Time to open the floodgates. More to come.
post a comment and email peterson238 at yahoo.


  1. Diggin' that Kaline, Carew/Kendrick, & possibly Nolan Ryan, depending what I can pull out for you. I'm not entirely sure of my plans at the moment, but I'll definitely be sure to email you before the weekend is out.

  2. i'll bite on the saxy tristar thingy