Saturday, February 16, 2013

Leaf: I Loved You In 1990: You Want Me Back Don't You

Some of the "right up my alley" collection from Leaf recent. Ok, so the UD corpse takes another kick in the ribs by use of the "Ultimate" label, but who cares when Leaf is putting out products like the following gallery. With the white stock, clean chrome, nice tiny numbers (such a sucker for tiny numbers) and autos that really stand out and exist as the paramount feature of the autographed card as it should be.

 For this design, I think the numbers are an outstanding way to draw attention away from the lack of logo or team name. The player selection lends itself to this too, as these guys made the sight of this number in the zone of competition actually meant something.

 Due to the sweet sweet filigrie(sp don't care), the PWS (plain white swatch) does not offend. The choice for the picture is key. I found a Nolan Ryan that chose his induction into the HOF...old fat man. even he would hate it.
 navy numbers, pinstripes, 44...can you even tell it's not a yankees card?
 Just about perfect without a patch. I guess, upon further review, I could do without the "film reel" banner. I don't really get it.
 Freak! If you were born between 1970 and 1980, tell me you don't want this card.
simply epic. Ditch the sticker and this would dominate my football auto collection.

I got to get my hands on one of these. Off to bid.


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