Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Group Breaks: Fun, Cheap, and Often Semi-rewarding

All cards shown were attained through Group Breaks sponsored by different Blogs on my blogroll. All cards are FT, see my wantlist. enjoy.

my "epic" pull from a few boxes of Epic. I have mad respect for Mike, but have never, ever collected mets or padres not named Tony Gwynn. I only got this Mets relic because it has a Padres logo on it...sorta like finding a piss-soaked $5 bill. Still great to come away with a hit from those insanely stingy boxes. I traded for the ones I wanted (see below for Steady Eddie and the "Swat Family Robinson")
The cards above came from a break over at Community Gum, I love cal, and I got the Sox and O's, guaranteeing me a few cals (nice SP and ADD-suffering Hyper insert. Also made a HUGE dent in my nomar/sox PC, and beyond all, it was just awesome to get a box of cards to dig through. great value. great break. great blog.

Supposedly this came from a group break with the Troll in which I chose the A's...weird. Exceptional card of my favorite non-asshole base-stealing genius. Base-Stealing really is a game within a game, and I love it. The text on the card really sealed it for me. I just think this is the coolest card of one of the coolest and best 2baggers ever.
This card was a great pull from a long-forgotten group break that got me a lincecum, King Felix, and some other base, but this one was what made me excited to open the package. I look at this one all the time. Howie has some seemingly-fading upside, but I like his style of play. Rod, know the deal. The man was miraculous at times.
I feel like Group breaks can be great, but it is the lottery scheme that we are all too familiar with. I think that since I really dig pulling great looking cards of nobodies, that shooting for the stars in (especially high end) group breaks is a welcome cheap opportunity to take a chance, if you have the cash...
Thank you EVERYONE for hosting these extremely entertaining breaks, and thank you all for being so super-professional about getting the cards out to your people.

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  1. Holy Crap you mean there is actually someone that likes Joe Morgan out there!!!