Friday, October 1, 2010

NOT OUT: "Nothing is F...ed Here, Dude".

First, I would like to own this. Total non-sequitur. One of the best laid-out patch combinations EVER. I do not like Albert. I admire and respect him. I will never love a Cardinal after The Wizard.
Now on to the pertinent stuff...

So I have some really exceptional material lying in wait for my Blog as my "Back to Biology" campaign continues in my 5th year Teaching in HighSchool. This is the BlackHole into which my contributions have fallen...past the event horizon for some ideas, but the good ones have foundations laid. I do not want to give up and therefor I shall not.
(Nicole(myfiance) just said "tell the blog I love it"...She's pretty "sleepy")
Like MacArthur, I have returned and am busy kicking some serious ass back in the Warrior Saddle. (no more Blue Devils, but the Warriors Fall Ball is in full swing...details later)
I will be focusing on trades and aquisitions as well as the all-important Authorized Autographs from my Personal Collection. I really have spent very little time covering these gems, but their time will come.
I am looking to complete the 2009 Goodwin Champions set, and am looking to trade for 2010 minis of all types, Champions (hockey), A&G, 206 et al. for now.
aside from the few exceptional gentlemen I am dealing with on a semi-regular basis, please feel free to contact me if you are in need on '10 base in topps and some football, cuz I will GIVE it to you.
til we meet again,

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  1. We could use some '10 Topps football! Check our trade list! -Andy