Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trade Aquisitions: Beard Cheers and Top Twenties

Up top we have Steady Eddie in possibly my favorite O's Unis of all time.
The Fielder/Jackson is from my man Cam (here's his place) . Love the look of the wood ALOT.
I am that guy who still (and always will) freakin' loves 87topps....
Picture this card hard-signed over the team names and with Albert, Weeks or Big Huge Panda instead.
(dream come true)
Crucial PC Needs from The beard. The Mathews makes me glow, and the Hank on the right reminds me that he got to give Lil'Robin a word or two about the game before shuffling off this screwball coil. There are 2 Brooks' that are "mia" right now, my shit is a mess since school started and I shoved it all in the closet.

hit me again with the PC glory beardy. One can never have too many Ryan GU... This Masterpieces Framed Red jumped into my top 20 cardbox the day I got it. It moves me.
zow. The Yount Shines like the day (in my top 10 cards I own) and is Painted by Stephen Gardner, whose portrait of Joltin' Joe hangs in the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown. I am at a loss as to where this came from. All PC needs, and "The Robinsons" (my new #1 dual GU from an epic break we were in a while back (my man already had one of the 99)
(I'll show you what I "scored" in a later post of "stuff I got from group breaks over the summer")


  1. Damn, I sent you all of that? I'm a really nice guy.

  2. Yeah man, If I remember correctly, you got yours too...let's do it again. your pack is almost complete but I have something to show coming.