Sunday, October 3, 2010

Half-Off Blaster Chronicles: 2008 UD "Artifacts"

This was a great descision on my part (though I had my doubts as I should have). I had the retail bug and saw the 10 and change box at walmart.
:Sawx Bawx:
I have seen some of the stuff out of this product before and have not been overly impressed with the "lineup" of players and Upper Deck's awkward take on history. Once I got past all that in the first 6packs, I pulled the two of these from the last one.

I love Mike Lowell, hard worker, SOX Ring Bearer, and all-around great classic ballplayer. The Franchise Members 4 is something I did not know existed. I think it is absolutely freaking rad. I am such a sucker for the "scroll/banner/multiple outline style (and the player choice: B+... pic layout:A...") that this card jumped into the Box of excellence.

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