Monday, December 14, 2009

Before they go to eBay...

I Love Paul, except for all that Twins unpleasantness. On-card favorite right? alas, this is not one of Mollie's best scripts, and I need a little cash so I plan on Upgrading at a later date. Plus that whole "Jetes says" thing, authentic though it may be, is distracting and annoying.
Simply one of the best Simple Signatures I own. Great lines, reminds me of one of my dad's old ad-men buddies.

Wish I didn't have to give this one up. I am a huge sucker for Bowman Sterling and got this for a song. ("...unfortunately that song was "White Christmas" and I lost millions".)
Oh, also I wish I cared at all about basketball anymore.

Killer AUTO, with consistent line thickness and great use of space on the sticker*. I have seen a few more legible Yount autos, but they are hard to come by on cards.
It always feels odd to have to sell out of one of your personal collections, but when you have one great signature of one of your favorite players AND a mortgage, you gotta count yourself lucky.

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