Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bilbo's cousin, Tea Baggins

Tea Baggers: Totally oblivious to what the term Tea Bagging means, the Tea Bag Party went around complaining about paying taxes. Never mind that Obama hasn’t even introduced new taxes, the Tea Baggers still found a way to blame him. Now, the Tea Baggers understand that the act of "Tea Bagging" is actually a sexual reference. In fact, one spokesman for the Tea Party Movement said recently that in light of the alternate meaning of "Tea Bagging" it was wrong to refer to Tea Party members as "Tea Baggers". Sorry, guys. You made yourself a name, now stick with it. No matter what kind of Tea Bagging you’re referring to, you can’t make it happen without a bunch of dips.

Francis Decker is a freelancer for Richmond.com. He also teaches English at a local Richmond high school.

How does this relate to autographs...it doesn't. Live with it.

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