Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BIG TIME: Marty Marion

First off, let me sing the praises of this set design. I am a huge fan of "less is more" mentality for cards (plus, let's keep it classy, man). This is an exemplary specimen of a great set with tons of great players. I have ONE base card from this set. Ozzie Smith*. No auto. I want more.
That being said, on to the auto. Martin Whiteford Marion is one of the original BIG TIME sigs. He can barely keep it on the sticker...but manages to hold on in this example. Major emphasis on the tall Ms and the big t-cross line. If these signs weren't enough to intimate a slight inferiority complex (I hear that's normal in baseball) the guy dots his "i" with a f*****g circle! I mean, who does that? He might as well have drawn tiny little seams on the damn thing and try for a Mark Sanchez-type "logo" attempt.
Sanchez-Way to brand yourself bro, we're all hella impressed. Especially us Packers fans from back east who get to watch our team in the playoffs. (that is an attempt at a football right?) We'll get back to that, because I hate the jets and the USC quarterbacks.

*You would be surprised how long it took me to realize that I was a SS lover in a 1B world....

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