Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spot #1. intro post authorized. Hello.

My name is christopher Peterson. I have many interests. I also have many things that I feel distinctly selfish in keeping to myself. In boxes, folders, binders and bins, I stash drawings and writings, signs and stickers. With the current capabilities and accessibility of the blogosphere, I had to make a move. I read so many blogs on baseball cards, art, photography and rubber shoes (sneakers) that I decided to join the fray.
I have created this blog for the sole purpose of sharing my love of the written name. Specifically, human signatures. I collect mostly sports signatures, and that will be the majority of the meat of this blog. I do a lot of searching and collecting of images, and some of those may be shared as well.
Let's just say if I find anything special, I will be hard-pressed not to share.
I expect you to do the same, as many of you have.

I will now commence deciding the first autograph, or signature to make my first.


  1. I read this post again last night to figure out how long I had been at it. more than a month and still enjoying. If you want a package...FREE, not trade, just email me a team or player name and address. I have said it before and said it again, I need to shrink my box mountain.
    my best,